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it is much more than an event that happens in one day. It's adventure, laughter, growth: it's life. It's a journey of memories and dreams for the future: it's your present, in a way you had not even imagine could be possible. Your wedding day? It's just a beautiful part of this incredible journey and we are literally thrilled you reached us! This means you are thinking of us to capture this very important stage of your life.

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We love to capture those unexpected moments that make your story so special and unique.

What matters to us is to take emotional and authentic pictures

Experience the essence of love in every frame with Ortica Wedding. Our lens captures the heart of Tuscany's romance, the whispers of Amalfi's enchantment, and the timeless beauty of Lake Como. From intimate vows to grand celebrations, we specialize in crafting minimalist narratives that unfold the intimacy of your love story and the elegance unique to Italian destination weddings. Explore our portfolio and let the quiet beauty of each image transport you to the heart of your celebration. Ortica Wedding will this intimate chapter in your love story, preserved in every delicate detail.

We love natural light and candid wedding reportage

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Cristina & Nicolas

It was very hard to pick the photographer for the most important day of our lives, but as we met them, we understood it was going to be an amazing day. Today we can't stop looking at our wonderful pictures. We spent a pleasant day with them. They were very professional and helpful. We literally found two new friends! Thanks girls!

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Can you picture yourself in our photos?

Our style is natural and spontaneous

We want to take pictures that point straight to the heart. We will gently guide you and live the most exciting moments with you, not intruding too much! Our pictures will become your future memories. You can count on us.

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